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Suctionloc is an innovative range of wall mounted suction Bathroom Accessories, available to order here at Back2Bath. The Suctionloc towel ring is part of a range of wall mounted bathroom accessories that can help you keep your towels fresh and clean. The black suction cup ring holder for bathrobes, shower caps or conditioner bottles are both functional as well as stylish! Pair it up with other items from this innovative brand to have everything at hand when needed most.

22cm (h) x 16cm (w) x 2cm (d)

Suctionloc will not work on certain surfaces. Make sure you’re using it for the right type of tile before getting frustrated! Suction-loc is great if your flooring material isn’t smooth or porous, but there are other options that might be better suited to tackle grouting projects such as clear adhesive discs (which can also help with removing stuck tiles).

The Suctionloc collection of chrome wall mounted accessories includes a wide range of caddies, baskets, and other bathroom fixtures, all easily applied to smooth, non-porous surfaces such as tiles, via the innovative Super Suction system. It even works on most other surfaces when used with the self adhesive clear mounting disc.

Installation of the product is as simple and straightforward. All you have to do it press a button on one side, which creates an air vacuum within its cup-like design!

The difference between Suctionloc’s products and other systems is that they’re intelligent, meaning you can tell when to re-apply the product. The red line indicator will start turning once it reaches its maximum holding power; then just give your system another quick application for reliable results!

The Suctionloc product can be installed in any place that is non-porous and has no textured surfaces. This includes smooth tiles, glassware products like mirrors or even ceramic coffee makers (see table). If you’re unsure about where it would work best for your needs please contact us on 0161 886 5815 or email before buying so we’ll help guide the way.


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Introducing the new Suctionloc range of accessories for your bathroom. This black suction towel holder ring is both practical and functional, perfect to pair with other items from this innovative brand!  The black towel ring comes in conjunction with other accessories, making it perfect for your bathroom needs!

22cm (h) x 16cm (w) x 2cm (d)

Suctionloc is the perfect adhesive for getting that tight seal on any surface, but it won’t work if you try to use Suction Loc with moist or wet surfaces. It’s best used on smooth tiles without pores in them! If your plan was originally grouting and now has changed due an unforeseen circumstance like textured tiled walls then simply purchase our clear disc which can provide instant adhesion while leaving behind no residue whatsoever so there will be nothing sticking out when completed – making clean up after easier than ever before too.

With a wide range of chrome wall mounted suction accessories available at Back2Bath, you’re able to make your bathroom more functional and stylish. These innovative products include caddies for storing toiletries or even toothbrushes!

Suctionloc’s innovative range of bathroom accessories will give your bathroom, kitchen or guest room a whole new look. The Succulent bathroom accessories collection includes everything you need to make the most out it, including tiles and other surfaces that are difficult or impossible to feature normal mounting devices! It even works on most other surfaces when used with the self adhesive clear mounting disc.

The process of installing the product is so easy that even those without much technical know-how can do it. Simply position your new suction cup anywhere you want, press down on its button and watch as strong vacuum pulls everything into place!

The intelligent Suctionloc products let you know when to re-apply them for maximum holding power (see diagram). Once the red line indicator starts showing, it’s easy and quick!

The Suctionloc is an innovative product that allows you to create airtight seals in any location. It’s perfect for glass, mirror and smooth tiles because it won’t damage the surface below! If there are still questions about where this would work best let us know – we’ll always do our very best at helping out with anything related.

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