Freestanding toilet roll holders are, simultaneously, both a stylish & practical bathroom accessory to your bathroom’s overall theme and style. In truth, toilet roll holders are an example of how smaller details can make the biggest difference.

Complement Your Bathroom Theme

Ultimately, free standing toilet roll holders keep the room tidy by supplying your toilet roll with a place to live! Not only will your toilet roll be within easy reach, but there is also space to store spare toilet rolls.

Moreover, Back2Bath stock a variety of stylish freestanding toilet roll holders that combine a good look with a minimalist style. They present a grand way to complete your bathroom, and also offer the convenience of proximity. Because if you’re fresh out of toilet roll, a new roll can easily be loaded for use.

Who knew something so mundane could also accentuate the bathroom style theme you’re looking for? But it’s true: browse our wide selection of practical and chic freestanding toilet roll holders. You can also look into high end polished chrome combos or ones that sit on glass or marble bases.

Accessories to go with your Freestanding Toilet Roll Holder

To accentuate your freestanding toilet roll holder’s look, you can also add even more style to your bathroom. That’s because of our range of handsome toilet brush holders and toilet brush accessory sets.

Furthermore, be sure to take a look at our complimentary bathroom accessories to your roll holder such as our high-quality toilet seats. Including our wood collection, and our plastic options.

Other Bathroom Accessories

In addition to toilet seats, Back2Bath also offers a wide variety of other relevant bathroom accessories. These include (but are not limited to) items such as bathroom accessory setsbinsmatscaddies & basketslaundry hampers; and mirrors.