More Tips on Making Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

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A little while ago I discussed ways to make your tiny bathroom feel a little bigger. Well, I’ve come up with some more. These will suit small, main bathrooms, en suites or downstairs bathrooms alike.


Bathroom ClutterLet’s start with what should be the most obvious but is often least – the amount of actual STUFF you have in your bathroom right now. Go and have a look around your bathroom now…go on, I’ll wait…done? Ok, I’m willing to bet there’s quite a bit of clutter in there. Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles, soaps, hair accessories, sponges, candles, hair brushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, extra towels…all kinds of stuff that, for the most part, you just don’t need, or at least not in great quantities.

So your first job is to remove everything but the bare essentials. Hair accessories and brushes can go in the bedroom where you’re likely to have more storage, spare shampoos, conditioners and shower gels, along with soaps and toothpaste, can join them until needed. Find a new home for spare towels – an airing cupboard, perhaps, or spare bedroom closet.

With everything but the bare minimum out of there, take a look at any existing storage you have and ask yourself “Do I need it?”.

If the answer is no, remove it – and yes, that includes wall mounted cabinets, free standing cabinets, baskets and shelving. What you should be left with is more space all round – on the walls, window sills and on the floor. But don’t stop there.

Bath & Shower

"Admiralty" Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessories
“Admiralty” Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessories

Now you’ve stripped back your bathroom to the bare essentials it’s time to take a look at the biggest space hoggers – the bath and / or shower. There’s very little you can do with the fixtures themselves but you can make some small modifications that will either make the room look a touch bigger or at least add some of that storage you maybe just lost in a more efficient manner.

First of all, if you have shower curtains replace them with either clear curtains or transparent glass doors. It’s quite remarkable how much a bigger a room feels when you actually ‘set free’ the bath or shower. The reason is shower curtains hang pretty much from ceiling to floor, restricting the space you can see above the bath. With clear curtains or glass, that space is visible.

In order to keep the essentials to hand in and around your bath and shower the use of hanging shower caddies, wall mounted corner shelves, baskets and other accessories and bath trays. The Back2BATH range includes all of these items. We suggest you look at our “Infinity“, “Admiralty” and “Eternity” ranges for real style in wall mounted accessories.

Our deluxe adjustable bath tray is ideal for keeping your essentials right there in the bath and our range of shower caddies is extensive, including the top of the line, high grade stainless steel “Bagno” caddy. If you need something that costs a little less, take a look at “Phoenix” and “Seine“. Both offer loads of storage and are superb value for money.

Space Saving Bathroom Storage Solutions

Wall Mounted White "Adelaide" Single Door Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
Wall Mounted White “Adelaide” Single Door Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

For more permanent storage it’s time look again at cabinets. In small bathrooms making use of the wall space is essential. You’ll want the right cabinet in the right place. This is where the use of height and corners can help. Tall, thin cabinets – preferably mirrored to exaggerate the space even more – will provide ample storage and make use of the full height of your bathroom without taking up too much wall space horizontally, which is a killer in small bathrooms.

Our “Adelaide” mirrored cabinet fits the bill perfectly. It measures just 30cm wide but a very generous 90cm high and a depth of 25cm allows for more than enough space for bathroom items. If that’s too tall for your needs,

Corner cabinets are another option – they leave much of your wall space free, opening up the room, while still provide all the storage space you should need. I recommend “Carlton“, which offers the same width and depth as “Adelaide” but measures a more conservative 60cm high – ideal for, perhaps, for downstairs bathrooms or en suites.

If you have a shower cubicle then the “Quebec” corner cabinet is ideal. Because it’s made of plastic it’s extremely lightweight, easy to fit and won’t corrode in the humidity of the cubicle. Three rotating shelves will hold shampoo, conditioner, shower gels and the like with ease.

Now, with storage in place it’s important to have a little self discipline and keep your bathroom items where they belong – small rooms do not take clutter well, that’s why we decluttered on the first place!

BIG Windows

This last tip really only applies if you’re planning a full scale remodelling of your small bathroom, en suite or downstairs cloakroom but I strongly recommend making your window as large as possible. The more natural light you can let in to your space, the larger it will feel. DON’T then box it off with cabinets and clutter – let that light flow through completely unhindered.

Obviously if privacy is an issue choose frosted or patterned glass, but if it’s not then don’t – clear glass allows the most light in.

What have you done in your bathroom to make it feel more spacious? Let us know on Facebook!

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