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Exquisite Bathroom Tile Ideas

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It’s Tuesday and for us that means #TileTuesday (follow us on Instagram to see what we mean by that!). So today I thought I’d try and give you some less obvious and simply stunning bathroom tile ideas that are a break from the norm. Tile ideas that will look absolutely amazing in your bathroom.

Subway or Metro Tile Ideas

The “Subway” or “Metro” tile has become extremely popular for bathrooms thanks to their attractive shape and high shine finish. However, most designers and installers tend to use them in the traditional manner. In other words, horizontally, like builders bricks. For me, that’s a little bit restrictive s really the only design you can do with those is to mix and match colours. But what if…

  • You fitted your tiles vertically?
  • You fitted your tiles diagonally?
  • You fitted your tiles vertically AND horizontally?

In fact, take a look at the numerous ways you can fit Metro tiles:

Subway or Metro Tile Patterns
Subway or Metro Tile Patterns

Here are some real life examples.

There are nearly limitless options to what you can do with a Metro tile…and that’s before we’ve even discussed colour, material and patterns! Which, thinking about it, I might leave for a whole other #TileTuesday!

Accentuate Your Fixtures

When you’re retiling or even remodelling your kitchen you can use tiles to really accentuate your bathroom fixtures. This includes baths, sinks, mirrors, especially showers and even light fittings. By choosing tiles of a different colour, pattern or finish to go around these fixtures, you can really bring them to life and give your bathroom a unique look that is all your own. Take a look…

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There’s a lot can be achieved by changing up your tiles around key fixtures in your bathroom. Experiment, see what you can come up with.

Don’t Forget The Floor

Tiles can just as easily be applied to floors to create stunning effects. From the simple black and white chequerboard floor to more intricate patterned or mosaic floors, there’s plenty you can do with the area under your feet.  Take a look at these photos for inspiration.

As you can see, your bathroom floor should be a feature, not just a function! I hope I;ve given you some food for thought when it comes to tiling your bathroom in the future and if you’ve already done yours, we at Back2BATH would love to see what you cam up with. Please share your bathroom tiling genius in the comments or tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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