Bathroom Décor Ideas for 2018

Floor Tile Feature Strip
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Planning a bathroom renovation for 2018? Take a look at these ideas from our experts at Back2BATH, which cover the design trends we expect to see next year.

There’s nothing like starting a new project at home to kick off a new year and make you feel like you’re getting a fresh start. We say why not make it the bathroom? Give the most often used, most underrated room in your house a makeover and you’ll start 2018 on the right foot.

We’re already seeing what trends will drive bathroom design and décor next year and we want to share those with you, along with the tried and tested ways to modernise and freshen up any bathroom, regardless of size.

Grey bathroom décor

White is out and black is old hat – the popular choice in colour scheme for bathrooms appears to be moving very quickly towards grey, either as a base colour or as an accent.

It’s easy to see why, too. Far from being boring, when applied in a bathroom it’s both stylish and surprisingly relaxing. For us, it is best applied in one or more of three places – the walls, floors and bathroom fixtures. It’s up to you if you plan to use it extensively or in moderation. Have a look at the these ideas on how to apply the benefits of grey in your bathroom.

Apply grey tiling to walls for the full on effect - here it's done with hexagonal tiling, very modern, very stylish.
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Free (stand) the bath

Most bathrooms in the UK have the standard bath tub encased in bath panels. But in 2018 we’re expecting a boom in free standing bath tubs, for one very good reason. The sheer number of styles and colours available.

Space might be an issue for you when it comes to a free standing bath. Some do take up more room than your standard bath. But with some clever use of space (which we’ll show you shortly!) we think you can enjoy the benefits of these tubs even in smaller bathrooms.

To give you an idea of the options available, take a look at this gallery of our favourite types (and colours!).

Free standing copper bathtubs are a real throwback and very classy. Other metal tubs are available too.
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Free standing corner baths are also available – another good option if you have a small bathroom.

Wall-hung bathroom furniture and accessories

The walls of a bathroom are often underutilised, with only a mirror or mirrored cabinet adorning them. But you can free up a lot of floor space by putting your bathroom furniture and accessories on the walls. Perhaps even enough for that free standing bath you want!

Storage cupboards, vanity units, sink units, even toilets, can be hung on the wall and they are likely to be the biggest items in your bathroom. But also think about toilet brushes, towel stands and the like – they may only take up a small amount of room, but add them all together and by getting them on the walls you’re going to save a lot of space. Not to mention, you will remove a lot of the clutter from your bathroom.

Below we’ve given you some examples of wall-hung furniture but here at Back2BATH it’s wall mounted accessories we specialise in. Feel free to take a look at the selection we carry, which includes screw fix and our own Super Suction options.

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As you can see, the range of styles and options available is immense. Look closely enough, you’ll even see a few wall mounted accessories! Remember when choosing yours that grey is the colour of 2018 – but natural looking bathrooms will also be popular, so maybe wood or stone is the way to go? It is, ultimately, up to you.


If mono or duotone bathrooms aren’t for you and you prefer much more colour, much more personalisation, then let us introduce you to acrylic or glass splashbacks. We have mentioned them before on this blog, but today we’ll take a much closer look.

By using acrylic splashbacks on your walls you can apply any colour, any design, any image – think of the possibilities! In fact, let’s take a look at just a few.

Add some glitz and glam with a glittery sink splashback – this pink one screams personality.
Relax and enjoy the beauty of blooms – any image can be added to bathtub splashbacks.
Recall holidays past or daydream of a day at the beach with this kind of image on a sink splashback.
Waterfall imagery works beautifully as a feature wall behind the bath…
…or in the shower stall.

Now consider perhaps a blown up black and white of your family as your feature wall or a design of your choice – the opportunities for personalisation are huge. And it’s that we think will be a big part of 2018 bathroom trends. Personalisation. Clever, isn’t it.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas and perhaps kick started your desire to give your bathroom a makeover for 2018 – whether large or small. Of course, when it comes to kitting out your bathroom renovation, we also hope you’ll come back to Back2BATH and choose from our wide range of accessories, mirrors, furniture and more.

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