10 Weird, Wonderful & Innovative Bath Tubs

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The centrepiece of any bathroom is the bathtub yet here in the UK we often settle for a standard tub with plastic fascias and two taps at one end. Practical, yes, usable, certainly, but not very interesting and often not that comfortable.

Free standing bath tubs are becoming more popular – more interesting, more comfortable in many cases, but even they are becoming pretty much the same in terms of shape and design; single or double ended with claw feet of one style or another. This one is typical.

Free standing single-ended claw foot bath tub.

Well, I’m here to tell you that, should you wish, you can be far more innovative with your choices in terms of design, material, colour and function. Here are 10 weird and wonderful bath tubs for you to think about.

This, I think, is the most visually stunning of this collection. The hammock design is certainly unique but it’s the black finish and swooping lines that I really love. And it fits in with our black and white bathroom theme for 2018!

Hammock Bath

Next up is this very unique coffee cup bath tub. The bath itself is unusual but that backdrop really makes it work, don’t you think? The mirror will also make your bathroom feel much bigger.

If all-natural materials are your thing then these next two free standing baths will work very well for you. The first is crafted from wood and polished to a high shine, the shape is reminiscent of a boat and it sits on a nicely styled black plinth. Very spa-like, I think. The second tub is carved from a solid lump of granite, so it’s heavy and may not be ideal for upstairs bathrooms, but wow it makes a statement and you can’t get much more natural than solid stone. The same effect can be had in a much less labour intensive, costly and weighty manner too, if you look around.


Designed specifically with couples – and couples who like to share the bathroom – the next two tubs each offer something different. For those who want to share the bathing experience but also retain a bit of personal space, this “yin and yang” style bath tub is ideal. Each person gets plenty of space but, lying opposite one another allows for intimacy, discussion and general shared relaxation. I really like the concept.

Yin & Yang Tub

For the couples who like to be a little closer – and don’t mind a bit of schmaltz! – this heart shaped bathtub is the perfect solution. My favourite thing about this one is that you can lie side by side with your feet intertwined at the base of the heart, comfortable and close with the one you love!

Heart-shaped Bath Tub

Repurposing old items to make something new and practical is a great idea but not one often associated with baths. But even if it was, I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t cross too many people’s minds to repurpose marine mines to create a unique and utterly stunning bathtub! Check this out!

Marine Mine Bathtub

This next one is without question one for the ladies. In particular, ladies who like to treat themselves, pamper themselves, shop and everything else the modern woman loves. Let me introduce you to…the high heel shoe tub! It actually looks super comfortable…

High Heeled Shoe Bathtub

I’m not 100% sure of the wisdom in creating a completely see through bath – who wants to see a body distorted by water and glass?! – but I can’t deny that a glass tub looks amazing in the right setting. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it…

Clear Glass Bath

Last but not least, I had to include a sunken bath. Ok, so it’s not weird, not particularly innovative but to me it’s pretty wonderful. There are so many ways to include a sunken bath in your own home, so many shapes, styles, surrounds, endless options that when done right can elevate your bathroom from mundane to heavenly. To me, anyway. Yep, I love a sunken bath!

Sunken Bath

If you’ve got a weird and wonderful tub in your home, you’ve seen one somewhere else or you have a comment to make about these, join us over on Facebook and leave a comment. I’d love to hear form you. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the black tub right at the top of the page is crafted from carbon fibre – there’s a bonus idea for you!

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